Prettified. It’s an old cowboy word, it means to put on your goin’ to meetin’ clothes, shine your boots and wash up better than you do for dinner. In all seriousness it does mean to clean up and be presentable on more than your day to day level. Until recently I didn’t think I could be a girl that likes to get prettified. In fact, most evidence would attest that I can be found in a varied collection of outfits ranging from athletic shorts and boots, a t-shirt with at least one stain I’ve got no idea how it got there paired with jeans and very rarely seen in a dress. So when one of the most lovely and selfless ladies I know suggested that I finally give a little something called Lipsense a try, (ok let me be completely transparent here. It took more than a few months of her suggesting I needed some in my life. I’m not even going to try to deny it), I finally caved. Lemme tell you something, the stuff is the best! I am not a makeup girl. It’s not my thing. Anybody will tell you that. BUT. This is different. I put my most favorite COD (color of the day) on my lips, slick on some gorgeous gloss, stick some mascara on these baby blues AND IT DOESN’T MOVE. I have put it on in the morning: inhaled my coffee, cooked then cleaned up breakfast, worked cattle in the Texas heat, played in the sprinklers (adults do that too ya know), survived dinner, kissed my babies thousands of times all days, been given dog kisses and cow slobbers to the cheek, taken a shower and it’s still perfect! During the school year just one application in the morning and a gloss update around noon: its gorgeous as ever! This self proclaimed non-girly girl is here to say I’m absolutely hooked on getting prettified with Sengence and Lipsense! With that being said, it wasn’t hard for the same lovely lady to convince me I needed to be on her team with some other fantastic ladies. So if you’re not a makeup girl like me, just needing some pretty in your life and just don’t realize it. If you need a gift your lady friend that she is guaranteed to love or maybe your better half would love some serious pampering, let me know by sending me an email or give me a call, I’ll get you in the right direction! 

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