Sister Friend 

I have a best friend. Actually she's more like a sister. An older wiser, but just as crazy sister. Y'all this woman makes my heart happy. Her kindness to everyone gives me such hope. I don't remember exactly when we became friends, other than her minon and my oldest were in school together. At that... Continue Reading →

Plot Twist

I love music. Feeling a connection to a song can completely change my day, for better or worse.  Today I heard "Dear Younger Me" - MercyMe. I LOVE it. This song touched a place in my heart that I've been known to try to keep shoved down deep and go about my day; it made... Continue Reading →

A Brain of Spaghetti 

The human brain is awesome; capable of doing so many things, all at the same time. A comedian once said that men's brains are like well organized boxes. Every thought, action, emotion, etc. has a box and only one box can be out at a time. Women on the other hand have brains like spaghetti.... Continue Reading →

Feels Weird

It's been 35 days since I last posted. My how time flies!  It's been a crazy time of year, getting minions out of school and readjusted, things with being in the cattle business and just life in general. I'm not going to lie, it feels weird to be posting again. I need to be doing... Continue Reading →

A Bullet in My Tire

I have a crazy life. A few weeks ago I had a bullet in my tire. A lovely friend of mine said," if there was anybody this would happen to, it would be you." She's right! I have the craziest luck. If it can break, I've probably broken it. I can't tell you how many... Continue Reading →

I am A Refugee

* I've struggled with posting this... for about 6 months now. I think that maybe it's time... Before I do, I need to say that my posting this isn't to create drama or insight violence merely to share my opinion. I'm absolutely against illegal immigration. I believe our country has its hands full and can't... Continue Reading →

Long Overdue

I was up late last night pondering my life choices. Instead of getting into all that today, I've posted quite a few long overdue pictures to the Photography page. Every time I get ready to post pictures, I have an inner debate on whether or not to post pictures of the people in my life: my... Continue Reading →

I’m Getting… Forgetful? 

I'm really spacy these days.  Coming off the holidays, (wasn't that yesterday!!) I felt like I was on a month long sugar-fueled high. Now I just feel weird. Like I'm supposed to be places (I probably am), I forgot to call someone (I probably did) or I've lost my keys for the 9,000th time. It... Continue Reading →

If My Kid Wants to Color

If my kid wants to color, she's going to need crayons. Markers. Pencils. Glitter Pens.  Then she will search for the paper.  While searching for the paper, she will start to dance and sing.  She will go get her CD player. Then she will need me to turn a cd on for her.  Then she... Continue Reading →

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