About Me

Residing in Texas, I try to make the most of each day. I believe there is beauty in absolutely everything. It’s truly been a long road in getting here. To a place where I am confident in my abilities as a writer and a human being that I want Cowdog Creations to reflect what I have learned in my young years as I continue to grow.

I chose the name Cowdog Creations, for a few reasons. One because I LOVE cowdogs!!! I’ve had Corgis the majority of my life, Callie Cowdog is my current four-legged sidekick. I loved an Australian Shepherd named Clyde during my high school years, and I’ve loved every cowdog I’ve had the pleasure of meeting (except one, that dog was a jerk). I relate to them.  Cow dogs have a spirit, a unwavering drive in them that makes them truly loyal and passionate towards those that are loyal to them. We work hard because we know that’s what is expected of us. We love who we love and we stay true to that. Cow dogs stare down livestock, herd kids and then lay at the foot of your bed. A cow dog is perfectly who I am. We don’t take no for an answer, when we want it bad enough, we might be a little stubborn and that’s ok. Even through the worst times, my cow dogs have listened through my tears of heartbreak and joy as I hug them tight. They sigh a sigh only a cow dog can and endure until I’m done. I could ask for nothing better than a cow dog.

Creations, covers everything I’m good at. Writing, building, baking and sometimes creating a big mess. 😉 I want to be able have a business where I get to create all of my loves. Yes, I focus on writing. A ranching and “hard work pays off” background, my mother and grandmothers cooking skills, all mixed up with my father and grandfathers carpentry skills combined to make what I pray one day because a very successful business doing the things I love everyday. I love that I get to help other people express and organize their thoughts on the things they love. through my talents.

Also, I’m an Independent Consultant for Norwex and Sengence! If you have questions or need to order, let me know! 

I’m a single mom of some lovely little ladies that I will cherish and provide for all of my days. Yes, it’s hard but giving up never has been or will be an option. We are some busy people 🙂 and that’s the place God has for us right now. I hope they see my journey down this road and it inspires them to be great!

That’s where Cowdog Creations come from. I hope you stick around because Cowdog Creations is going to keep trusting that through Christ’s provisions, we are going somewhere great!

Blessings From Texas,


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