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When I first started Cowdog Creations, I had a pretty basic idea of what I wanted to do. My main idea was to focus on my strengths – marketing, communication, cooking and being creative. I love kids, cattle, cow dogs and the outdoors. I love the types of things where a person’s passion shows through. Helping someone chase after their passion makes me extremely happy. I thought that if I could roll everything I’m skilled at and love into one then I could create a unique business that would be able to support my daughters and I as we go about our journey through life. I wanted to be able to get out of debt, start actually saving money and buy a house. Be able experience life by traveling with the girls and teaching them what I know, learning with them. In the past three years I’ve learned quite a bit. I’m a smarter business person, I feel like I have grown professionally and personally. I’ve gained experiences in handling finances that have made me more savvy in that aspect too. Do I see Cowdog Creations becoming a multi-million dollar business? I think every business person keeps that hope in their mind but it’s not necessarily the goal. Would I love to buy the house I have my eye on, have no debt and send my daughters to college without student loans? Absolutely, I know how to make that happen. I’m just the worst at waiting. God did not give me a patient or quiet heart. I’m a “doer”, a “there’s the goal, let’s do this” person. The work doesn’t scare me, the thought of never getting there does.

Teachers have a big place in my heart. Eliminating chemicals and improving quality of people’s lives is important to me too. I’ll always be a t-shirt, boots and jeans girl but I’ve learned that the right makeup and skincare helps present your best self. Knowing that I’m doing the very best God has given me the abilities to do for my girls is the most important. As a single mom, there are struggles. Being able to show them that, it does take hard work, but you can do it if you just keep going. My goals for the next six months are absolutely attainable, I just have to keep going! After spending a few years volunteering and now working for the school district, I’ve seen a lot of what goes on behind the scenes in the lives of teachers. They put countless hours into their students and spend their own money to better their families, students and classrooms. Some of them even pick up side jobs or start their own businesses. It’s on my heart to help them, because without teachers then nothing else is possible. I love working for the district, I have absolutely the best people to work with and for. I could never imagine leaving! I want be there for as many years as they allow me! Cowdog Creations is my release – from the stress of mom life, work, family and cattle, everyday stuff. I get to connect with all sorts of people I might not have through CC, it’s one of my favorite things about it! 

This leads to what I see the legacy or long-term accomplishments of Cowdog Creations being. I see having a location to sell and keep stock of the products for the companies that I’m a Independent Distributor of. A place to design, showcase and sell the pieces. Most importantly help teachers by allowing them space to showcase their work, products, what they distribute, etc. I love the idea of having a place that wouldn’t just benefit my daughters and I on a personal level, but that would help teachers and single moms have the space to reach their goals too. I have two “on paper” ideas of the financials and actual plan behind it too. I just can’t do it on my own. 

So I’m looking for someone or a few people willing to advise me on how to continue on or to help Cowdog Creations get to the next phase. I’ve never been one to ask for hand-outs or ever think that something is going to be given to me so admitting that I need advice or support is not something I’m comfortable with, but here I am. I think it’s necessary to at least ask in order to continue to progress like I see Cowdog Creations needing too. I know what my vision is and have an idea of how to get there. I have hope that my dreams for the business that I’ve spent so much time, money and effort, aren’t just dreams. If you have advice, want to hear the entirety of my plan or just want to help, contact me by email or give me a call. 

This evening is also the start of an Event on the Cowdog Creations FB page, be sure to check that out too. 


Brittney Foster


(806) 282 – 7989


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