Old Fence Posts

We get asked occasionally throughout our lives if you could be something different, what would you be? While it’s not my first choice, I think I’d make a good fence post. It’s my bet they’ve got some stories to tell. 

I hope it starts with a young farmer putting the post in the ground in the 1940s. After that new barbed wire would’ve been tightened around in hopes of keeping livestock in then coyotes and cattle thieves out. Left alone with a beautiful view of the countryside around that post. 

By now the post would’ve seen thousands of cattle pass by, had a horse or two tied to to it while cow folks rode around checking fences, provided shade to a jack rabbit on a hot day. I’m sure a mockingbird or sparrow has perched on the said post while singing it’s song and taking in the world around it. Morning dew hanging off the spikes of the wire during spring or summer. Then snow piled up next to it in the winter. Looked on as families sit around campfires telling stories of the good ole days that same post was around for. Seen field after field be plowed for crops. Then watched those crops be loaded up for the unknown. Maybe even a landmark to that old farmers legacy for a turn coming up to the ranch entrance. 

Weathered in the elements but still holding strong. Standing tall and proud with a thousand stories to tell. So if someone asks me what I think I’d like to be? I might just tell them I’d like a turn as an old fence post. 




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