Hey y’all! 
Time is flying by! Is it just me or was yesterday Christmas? 

I’ve kinda been on a journey the past couple months. I had thought I knew what God had planned (what the heck was I thinking, right?) and then I ran into a rough spot of sorts. Now that it’s over with, this summer is bringing big exciting changes around for my daughters and I. If there’s anything I’ve learned lately it’s I need to simplify and its ok to do so. Take out what I don’t need, try not to want so many physical things, set some good goals and most importantly: just enjoy what I/we have. Love those close to me. Everyone has a story that got them here, if my part in it is only to be temporary then it’s alright. I’m going to apologize in advance if I get a little (or a lot dark and depressing) that’s just how my brain (and yours if you’re honest with yourself) get sometimes. I’ll keep doing my best to keep y’all entertained. 

So going forward, I will only have the Cowdog Creations FB page, LinkedIn (y’all really are my favs) and this website. This includes anything with my being an independent sales consultant for Norwex. Personal FB is staying too (because I love y’all most)! 

So hang on tight! It could be a hard ride, but I can promise it’s going to be an adventure! After all, it’s how us cow dogs roll. 




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