Put It on Hold

Photo Credit: ABC News Channel 7

It’s Day Eight of my birthday month. But for the people of Canadian, Lefors, Higgins, Dumas, Fritch, TX… Gage, OK… even North of Amarillo, along the Northeastern side of New Mexico, for them its Day 1. 

Day 1 (or two) of no longer having their cattle to maintain, they have a charred home to call theirs, fences for miles that are just gone. My last experience with a fire like was many years ago. My boyfriend and I went to this exact same area on an old back road to Mobeetie to check on his family’s hunting lease and a house. I remember knowing there was a fire burning but it was late and we figured they wouldn’t have let us down this road if we were in danger. We figured if the fire was close we could see or smell it. We rounded a curve on the road and came face to face with flames. The fire wasn’t on the road yet but it wasn’t going to take long. I remember looking at each other and my stomach dropping. I had never seen him look that scared. We turned around and floored it. That’s when I could smell the smoke. For the entire way back home we coughed. We went back a few days later to check on things. The house was gone. Hunting blinds, everything stored out there… gone. I sympathize with these families in a way because I’ve seen this. These communities that survive on the the way of life I love so much. We are heartbroken for you. It doesn’t help now but please know that after fire comes growth. My heart breaks for those that have lost loved ones. Your homes will come back. You will have new herds. Your, OUR, community will be stronger. My heart is so full of pride for our first responders. I can’t express how much I love y’all without crying. I’m proud of you, believe me I would join you if I could, but that’s a story for another day. 

I’m going to share some articles below, I know that’s not the usual but I want you to understand. 

ABC NewsChannel10

He Did the Only Thing He Could

Panhandle Prayers

Blessings and Prayers, 



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