When We Ruled 

Destiny is a funny thing. You and I were destined to be friends. Hell, in a town like this our whole group was. But our grandmothers had this planned since before we were born. Fast forward some years to when I showed up at Randall still basking in my small town glory, you were there. We were sophomores and instant friends, that might’ve been because I was the new kid with a drivers license. Either way you were on the dance team too. We made up our own rules starting on that day. I was dealing with no longer being a superstar, just a face in the crowd. You had no idea what that was like you just wanted to jam to your favorite music 24/7. We survived boyfriends, car wrecks, classes skipped (mostly by me), the death of a friend and senior year. Oh, and lots of late nights. We had epic road trips. We promised to be crazy old ladies together, just like our grandmothers. 

Afterwards is kind of a blur. The Wolfpack changed. We made new friends and got new bad habits together. We went throught some tragedy. Through all that not once did you tell me I was an idiot. Nor did I tell you to get it together. I never told about parts of my world, and I didn’t know about yours. For that I’m sorry. I’m sorry I was naive in believing that bonfire nights would last forever but consequences and adulthood would wait until we were ready. 

Life may have happened and we may no longer have a place in each other’s world. That’s ok. In fact, my world is completely different and I’m back to the track I should’ve been on all along. I have the most beautiful and amazing family and friends, I’m beyond blessed with what my everyday consists of. So are you. More than that I’m also absolutely positive you’re the very best you can be. If you aren’t, I’m sure you have a plan to get there. I’ll always be proud of you my friend. Regardless of where life takes us or if our paths never cross again: I wish you all the best this life has to offer. I hope you find your happy. 

Because I did. 




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