Sister Friend 

I have a best friend. Actually she’s more like a sister. An older wiser, but just as crazy sister. Y’all this woman makes my heart happy. Her kindness to everyone gives me such hope. I don’t remember exactly when we became friends, other than her minon and my oldest were in school together. At that time we both felt like we were drowning, trying to fight the battles we faced individually. My battle wasn’t pretty, neither was hers. But by God’s great grace this pretty lady ended up in my world. Her battles haven’t been easy. But y’all would never know it. Her heart is humongous and she will give of all she has to those she loves. 

Fortunately though, we are complete opposites. I think if we weren’t, one of us would’ve gone insane a long time ago. Some examples:  I’ve only seen her without her hair all fancied up a grand total of three times and that was in the same weekend. She does her hair to go sit by the pool. Me? Well a ponytail works and I think I washed it yesterday… maybe? I talk about decorating with some random thing I found and the cattle market. She only knows what I’ve taught her about cattle. She gains a few extra inches each morning in heels, I think I’d break my ankle if I tried. Her heart has been through more than she will admit but she chases after Jesus harder than anybody I know. So here’s to my sister friend, I’m truly looking forward to the year ahead. Maybe this year we will end up in Canada (eh?) or maybe we’ll get lost and end up in Mexico, or we’ll stay away from the borders but get close enough to say we traveled the lower 48 in a week or… maybe we’ll spend another summer poolside. With us you just never know. 

This lady is nothing short of a miracle in my world and I thought that the world should know. 

Much love, 



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