A Brain of Spaghetti 

The human brain is awesome; capable of doing so many things, all at the same time. A comedian once said that men’s brains are like well organized boxes. Every thought, action, emotion, etc. has a box and only one box can be out at a time. Women on the other hand have brains like spaghetti. (In the spirit of being perfectly honest, I don’t even like spaghetti. I like spaghetti pizza much better. All those extra calories are delicious.) Women can referee a fight between a herd of minions, put on make up, mow the yards, answer an email and bake something all while talking on the phone. We’ve been known to be happy, sad and upset all at the same moment (ladies stop kidding yourself. You know it’s true). So what about when we finally CHOOSE to slow down enough that we can drink our “not intended to be” iced coffee? What about when the “demands” of staying alive take over? 

Listen to my words: it’s ok to slow down. To not do anything. I have been burning both ends of the wire for a long time. Which gives me the confidence to tell you that it’s 100% ok to stopping running and enjoy a moment. I’ve learned (ok, I’m still learning) The only person in charge of your time is you. It’s not the tiny people constantly following you around. It’s not even the  17 unread emails labeled “URGENT” waiting on you. Nor is it the false demands of perfection that you allowed others to put on you. The only person in charge of you is you. Nobody else is in charge of your bowl of spaghetti my friend. 

I realize that may not be the first time you’ve been told that. So just hear me when I say, you aren’t perfect. Yeah, I said it. But the best part? I don’t want you to be. I want to know your mess, I can promise that I have one too. We can share stories! You can read all about my experiences as you scroll through the site. So ladies, friends, even the compartmentalized brains of the gentleman that are out there reading: today we are starting a different type of chapter for CC. To show a more inside look at the spaghetti in my brain (probably on my shirt too)! I’m hoping that by doing this writing for myself becomes fun again. Let’s see how it goes!


Brittney, cowdogcreations@outlook.com


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