I am A Refugee

* I’ve struggled with posting this… for about 6 months now. I think that maybe it’s time… Before I do, I need to say that my posting this isn’t to create drama or insight violence merely to share my opinion. I’m absolutely against illegal immigration. I believe our country has its hands full and can’t possibly take care of any one else if we can’t first take care of our own. Our veterans, elderly living on pennies, and many many others. I believe our country is in need of a serious overhaul and there’s only a few ways that can happen. I will not be discussing those. Anyways, I hope that if nothing else this provides you with something to think about for today. Much Love – Brittney

I was lost. Hopeless. Swept away on the seas of depression and disappointment that thoughts of ending it all were so constant I could barely breathe anymore. My future was uncertain. I was drowning. You found me. You sought me out. You came back for me. A person so broken by circumstance, life choices, and heartbreak. You took my heaviness. You replaced all my shattered dreams and showed me grace. You provided me shelter through the storms. You protected me from the waves. You rescued me. You came to my aid. The aid of a sinner. A refugee.

You are the Most High God. Creator of All. You are to be exhalted. You come to the aid of those that seek you. You destroy those that seek to harm your people. Lord you do that out your grace and your mercy. Not ours. You run into battle for us. Each of us. Evil must bow down at your name. You guard our hearts. It is you that calms the seas when anxiety takes its hold. It is you that comforts me when I fear for the future, my children. Gracious Lord, I praise you. I was a refugee and through Christ I was given new life. While I firmly believe your country needs to protect itself and be protect from the evil that seeks to destroy it, it is your will Lord. It always has and will be.

I praise you, oh Lord. I pray for the refugees for they are lost and hurting, that they find the safety they seek even if it is only through you. I lift up this country to you. This is not the country our forefathers thought it would be. We are broken, with evil abounding in every direction. I pray we put our eyes back to you. That you would unite us once again for your glory. To proclaim that you are the only one true God and we will defend your name and the principles this once glorious country was founded on.



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