I’m Getting… Forgetful? 

I’m really spacy these days. 

Coming off the holidays, (wasn’t that yesterday!!) I felt like I was on a month long sugar-fueled high. Now I just feel weird. Like I’m supposed to be places (I probably am), I forgot to call someone (I probably did) or I’ve lost my keys for the 9,000th time. It probably comes from going nonstop 24/7 and now that things are slowing down, I feel lost. Lol. 

It occurred to me today that I haven’t written anything for MY site in… awhile. I know there’s at least a few of you that read these things and I thank you for that. Hopefully my crazy world makes you feel better about yours! 

I was reminded that my birthday is next month. That whole idea makes me feel weird. 

My class reunion is this year too. Thank the gracious Lord that I’m not supposed to plan that! (Or maybe I am… crap. I was class secretary… maybe I should find that out. What was I saying?! Reunion.) ugh. I don’t wanna. For lots of reasons. 

All these things are making me feel old. LOL. Like I haven’t accomplished much. On the otherhand: family is well, business is growing. Life is seemingly well. 

So forgive me if I’m a little behind in posting. I’m still here. I’m just out living life, working and raising minions all while getting ready for my beloved summer to come back. I may not write as much as we both would like but I’m going to start getting back into it….  






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