Drag Up

Just a few weeks ago gas prices were holding steady at 2.19/gal. I listened quietly as people complained about the cost to fill up their vehicles. For once though, I kept quiet about it. I admit, I have done my share of complaining about it so I’m not completely innocent. 

So today when I fueled one of the gass guzzlers up, it was somewhat surprising to see that prices have reached a new low at 1.59/gal. I’m betting that most of you are celebrating. Which is fine! Anytime my account can get a break I’ll take it. Our wallets are getting a small break to recover after the holidays. There are few of us, that stop to think about the people busting theirs to get that gasoline to us though. These guys (and gals) are tough. The front line workers and rig guys. They work OUTSIDE sun, rain or snow. They pray for rain outs and weekends off so they can go home. These people aren’t like the rest of us, they probably didn’t plan on a “career” in pipeline. In fact, most of them landed there by accident. 

When the price of oil drops, these guys are the first to know. How do I know? Because I’ve been there. These are the guys that get up at 4:00 am, put on boots covered in yesterday’s mud, grab a lunch that most packed themselves, lock the door to the camper or whichever hotel they’re staying in that week and roll out for the day. On a good day it will be 7 before they return but most days it’s 9… Sometimes 10. 

They are the welders, operators, laborers, inspectors and many other things. Some of them have families that make the sacrifices to follow them where the work is. Most don’t. Most only see their families every few months. They put their trust in something to have when they return. They hope and dream for the day their person tells them to just come home. That the funds will be there for them to do so. The guys that don’t have family typically waste their money trying to fill the voids that only a life spent with hard days working and lonely nights create.

They are the first to lose their jobs when oil prices drop. These people are always, always looking for work. I’m willing to bet they don’t want to live life that way. That dragging up isn’t something they really look forward too. I’m sure they’d rather have stable work. Rather than temporarily being in one town or state long they are thinking about having to be ready to drag up. 

The next time gas prices drop, please remember that while it’s great on our wallets. It’s could get hard on somebody else’s. 

Be blessed and be merry, for God is good and He provides. 



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