Cardinal Rules

Forgive me. I broke one of my cardinal rules. I’m still coming to terms with this so excuse me if I struggle to tell you. I wore leggings as pants. Horrible I know. It was 100% intentional too. In my defense, I joined the rest of the health crazed, get fit, “new year, new me” crowd in going back to the gym. I did it a) because it was my Christmas present (yep. a gym membership. to me. for a present from my parents. We’ll go down this road later.) and b) because it’s passed time. I used to be a super fit person. Then I umm discovered other things. I got lazy, had kids and eventually dropped out completely. Yada yada. Chasing kids, cows and going all the time with work isn’t cutting it anymore. Anyways, back to leggings as pants.

So I get to the gym. Do the workout thing with an awesome group of ladies most of which are much more in shape than I. Kick myself for ever quitting. SURVIVE. Go home. Let me tell ya’ll right now: jeans were not an option. I knew I had to eventually go get the girls so I had to be presentable so sweats and a t-shirt weren’t an option. I briefly considered throwing on a dresses but if you know me at all, dresses just aren’t me. Unless I have to. There’s 3 reasons to get that dressed up:

  • Church. Maybe.
  • Mom calls before I’m supposed to be wherever she is to make sure I’m wearing one. End up being at least 15 minutes late because I had to change.
  • The most rare, which only happens in summer: I feel like it. Only happens in summer.

A dress wasn’t happening so on go the leggings with a long shirt. The following are my thoughts:

  • Oh crap. It’s to cold for shorts. ugh. jeans.
  • Deep breath.
  • Put aching muscles into leggings. Ok. I got this.
  • Cute long sleeve top goes on. SWEET. Cute and comfy.
  • CRAP. I have to go out in public. 
  • Second deep breath.
  • Ladies do this all the time. Yes I look better than most of them but that’s not the point. OK maybe not most… a half. Ok a third…. a few of them. Sweet Jesus make my legs stop hurting. 

(Leave house and stop at a store. Get the things I need, start standing in line.)

  • Lady in front of me stares at my legging pants. Oh dear lord make it stop. wait. Is that THREE packages of Oreos? A sweater with a cat on it, really?
  • I want Oreos. 
  • Not if I want to be able to kick (butt) like I used too. 
  • Sigh. No Oreos. Why is she still staring.
  • Maybe I should go get her a gallon of milk to go with all that deliciousness. Nope. That’d be more movement, not happening. I’ll just smile my best smile. 
  • Smile and hold back smart comment that DESPERATELY wants to escape.

Painfully rush to the car, go pick up kiddos. I’m so thankful for their teachers not judging me and lovely friends I shared my thoughts with while in the moment. Love ya’ll 🙂

Check back often for a look inside my crazy world.

Many Blessings,




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