Happy Holidays 

Merry Christmas. There I said it. This season is about Christmas. If I hear one more station whether it be tv, radio or a smoke signal tell me happy holidays, I’m probably going to scream. 

So maybe they’re just rolling it all into one. From a marketing and money saving point of view, I get that. But it’s about CHRISTMAS!!!!! Everything, all year round is about Christmas, the death and the resurrection of Christ. Except this is the only time of year that I can walk into a room full of people I know (usually. Sometimes I get the room wrong or I just feel like saying it to strangers. 😬  I can’t help it.) and yell “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” and people will actually say it back!!!! Crazy I know. 

So can everyone just lose their dang political correctness for 10 more days and let the rest of us enjoy OUR HOLIDAY. Thanks. End rant. 




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