25 Days

I have a problem. A Christmas problem. I look forward to it all year long. I start talking about Christmas in March. I just love it! I’m not one of those people that’s blasting carols in the summer heat (although I have busted out a song or two randomly.. because why not?). I love how it brings people together. How I can spend HOURS and DAYS baking breads, cookies, other tasty treats and nobody gets upset! In fact they’re usually begging for more!

I love that my children love it. The excitement in their eyes as they see lights going up. There are trees being decorated and they hear stories that I still treasure! 

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m a giving person. So the fact that there’s a holiday celebrating the greatest gift ever given, thrills me! I’m trying to stick to my budget this year and thanks to Pinterest (you should definitely find me on there!) I’m doing a pretty great job!! I love to give gifts all year. At this time though, the true meaning of Christmas is why I love it most. God gave us, every single one of us, his only son. For that I can never say thank you enough or repay Him. Nothing I make, bake or create will ever compare to what Christ has done for me. That’s why I love to give of the things I think I’m pretty darn good at, so that I can share my loves with you. 

On the FB page I’ll be posting pictures, recipes, and lots of super fun stuff so like Cowdog Creations and see what I’m up to :). 

Ps. Check out this AWESOME coloring book I found today! 

Merry Christmas,




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