France and the World

My heart… My children are singing and dancing to Jeremy Camp in the backseat as we sit waiting for donuts; and I’m reading articles about France. I just… can’t fathom… These were parents, children… Families. We are so incredibly blessed to live in the country and state that we do. This is the world we live in and it doesn’t have to be. Somebody needs to draw a line in the sand. If it is America, Texas or even as crazy as it would be, Russia. We have to pull our heads out and realize evil must be stopped. A deer doesn’t know it’s surrounded by wolves and do nothing. It fights. Pray for France, our country…. America wake up! It’s not about the design on a coffee cup. It’s about the freedom to live in a once glorious country, it’s about giving God, the one true God glory! Wake up! The threat is real. This isn’t a call to violence, or to gather up in arms but is a call to wake up. Evil must be stopped and it can only be done through action, prayer and a united front.

France, my heart breaks for you.

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Blessings From Texas,



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