Mean Mommy

It finally happened. For some this part of your child growing up, might have brought you to tears. I laughed (secretly). A few days ago, my children told me I’m mean. What was my offense? I refused to let them have ANOTHER piece of candy. I know, it’s shameful.

I’ve been waiting for years to be called mean. Figuring it would come from not letting them watch some crappy show on tv or that I won’t let them go to a friends house. At the very least, the moment would happen when an electronic device was present or they refused to get out of bed. Leaving me with no choice but to resort to countermeasures. Nope, lack of candy was my downfall.

It never was my goal to be a “mean mom”. Honestly, I worry that I’m to hard on them or that maybe I’m to strict. I worry that they are missing opportunities during the times that I’m making them clean their rooms or various other chores. Heaven forbid, I ask them to make a bed or take their dirty clothes to laundry room if Disney channel is on.

I’m secretly proud to have advanced to the “mean mom” level. I’m choosing to take it as a sign of respect. My hope and prayer is that since I am so blessed to be raising little individuals, I will instill a healthy level of self respect, cleanliness and values. I hope I’m doing this by “making” them do housework (appropriate to age level), bathe and brush their own teeth/hair (the horror!) and refusing to let them have candy for dinner. They don’t know it yet (thank God) but when they discover boys aren’t that gross and start dating (eek!!!), he will be filling out an application. An interview round will be required, regardless of how long we’ve known the poor kid.

Yes, I’m a mean mom. When they are older (hopefully) they will thank me for making them be clean, polite individuals. I hope they also remember me every time they go to the dentist office, then say silent thank to their “mean mom” for not letting them eat all the candy.

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