Magic Tricks

My Gramps could carve. I don’t mean he could whittle a stick from time to time. The man had magic in his fingers. The man could take a block of wood and turn it into the most beautiful creations.  I mentioned him in a previous article, because he was/is such an inspiration to me, as all my grandparents are. Maybe he just sticks out because there are days when I really miss him… or maybe because I regret all the things I didn’t do. Like just sit and watch him carve. He was a founding member of the Golden Spread Woodcarvers Club, participated in multiple carving shows, and he also taught carving classes at Amarillo College for many years.

Over the summer my dad and I spent many hours out in the barn at headquarters. Him more so than I. During one of his searches, he found some unfinished carvings. Four of them to be exact. All of us have searched through the the barn for various things: paint brushes, glue, horse shoes, different types of wood, etc.. But we never found these. My grandmother and aunt went to dig around and found several more of these unique and gorgeous pieces. How have we not found these until now? I guess the man of few words knew there would come a time these gems would need to shed some light on each of us. Though I still wish I could go back and watch the magic tricks, I’m thankful he left these beautiful carvings behind for us to enjoy.

*** Below are pictures of some of his work, there will be more over on the Photography page. NONE of these carvings are for sell nor will they ever be. Please share my love and the hard work put into them. ***

2015-10-12 11.43.52




2015-10-01 19.37.39 2015-10-01 19.37.46 2015-10-01 19.37.54

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