Callie here! 

Man it’s been a busy week!! I have beheaded a Barbie, barked at the new dog in the neighborhood and even played with the cows a little! They do not like to play though, maybe if I bark at them more they will be my friends. I also think if I keep rolling in the tasty piles they leave behind they will like me because I will smell like them. Except mom yells at me when I do that. Life is the best, except when they put me in the backyard. 

My foosa. I LOVE my foosa. Almost as much as I love to shred innocent pieces of paper for mom to find later. My foosa looks like a squirrel… sort of. I take it everywhere. It squeaks really loud and I like it. The more it squeaks, the happier I get. It makes the humans happy when I do this, because then they chase me then I let them throw it for me. It’s fun to slobber all over the toy and then take it back so she will throw again. And again. Until I get bored. Then I go shred more paper. Speaking of paper, I smell small human homework that needs to be eaten! 


Callie Cowdog 


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