Be Different

She’s always been the kind of girl that fits into different groups of friends. A little quiet, mostly a rule follower, dramatic as any little girl should be and with a sweet helpful heart, she’s my “stuck like glue” girl. Until this year she’s had a few friends that were her best friends. One of them has moved and sometimes she still cries because she’s misses her. The other isn’t in her class this year, they rarely see each other. For the first time in her life she’s having trouble finding her group and I can’t fix it. 

Very athletic, she gives the boys good competition when they choose up sides for a game but she struggles with other kids telling her she should stop and just be a cheerleader. Exceptionally smart, she likes to talk about books and math with her “nerdy” friends but she doesn’t like to sit still forever. She’s not much of a “play house” kid but she likes to draw the houses her friends are pretending to play in. 

I’ve accepted that I can’t pick their friends for them, ha! They should get to make their own friendships to build relationships off of. I can make suggestions and be there for advice but they are young people, that are in the stages of who they are going to be the rest of their lives. 

My hope is that they will be different. That when given the opportunity to try something new or make a new friend, they try it. I pray they are confident in Christ and themselves. That they know they are big, brave, smart, strong and beautiful. Never letting the fear of failure or rejection hold them back. No, things will not always go their way. In fact, it rarely might. I just pray they have the courage to stand up to be different. Maybe by doing that the friends that are meant to be will find them and they can be different together. 

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