I have been told many times in my life that I’m a tornado.

The first tornado I experienced was in kindergarten. We had just pulled in the driveway (probably from the baseball field), when mom came running out of the house to tell my dad there were tornadoes in the area. It was like the entire neighborhood heard her. People came out of their houses to stare at the sky, the color of which I heard a lady call “pea soup green”. It sounded like something nasty tasting to me, I figured tornadoes must be nasty too. We stood outside in the rain to watch those magnificent clouds swirl until my dad said something along the lines of it wasn’t coming near us and we should go inside (to watch baseball).

In my high school and college years, I was part of an insane crowd that got an adrenaline rush from chasing the things. On one of these evenings, I knew I needed to be in a class to review for the test next week. As soon as the rain drops hit the windshield, I knew where I wasn’t going. Thirty minutes later, some friends and I were headed straight into the real deal outside of town. Somebody knew a short cut to where we “needed” to be, so we turned off the dirt road to an even more dirt road to get closer to swirling winds of death. I’m now so thankful that God had other plans for us that day, because right in the middle of the nowhere was a giant lake blocking our only path to certain stupidity. We tried to go back a few weeks later but there was no lake to be found. Definitely a God thing.

Tornadoes are a beautiful mess, they blaze their own path and there’s not much that can stop them. They bring life to a stand still when people stop to stare at skies or wreckage they leave behind. . They plow through anything on the ground better than a frieght train. Meteorologists try to predict them, but just like any woman, they can’t 100% do that. People grow from experiences like those.

I’ve learned that while tornadoes wreck havoc along their path, what they leave behind gets a chance to be built stronger. People join together as one community, as a family. I do break a lot of things. I’ve left a string of broken dishes, vehicles and unfortunately a few hearts in my wake. Just like the “tornadoes” that have run through my heart did to me. But we stand stronger.

I’m not saying my life is all chaos or that I don’t have it together. Things are going so well in many areas, others not so much, but that’s life! I will try not to break the dishes and swear I’m trying to keep from breaking any more hearts. Maybe it’s not so bad to be compared to a tornado. Nobody could ever say we don’t put 110% in. After all, we sure are a beautiful mess. I will just stay out of the China closet.

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Blessings From Texas,



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