Lighten Up

It has just been a crazy couple of days. I am so thankful that we’ve had rainy weather! It’s the first day of fall! My children have been going crazy! We’ve sold some of our cattle! My house is more clean than it has been a while!!! With that being said I need to lighten up a little, so today I have some links to the songs my children have stuck in my head and my favorites this week. I hope this helps you to lighten up and take a “brain break” too! 

Buddy Brown “The boys are staying in“, “The Judge

Thomas Rhett “Crash and Burn

Andy Grammer “Honey, I’m good“(you’re welcome) 

Need to Breathe “Brother

Casting Crowns “Just be Held

Aaron Watson “Freight Train” AND “The Underdog” 

Jake Owen “Real Life” (I know, it’s stuck in my head. Make it stop!) 

And because nothing would ever be complete with out these guys (even if these videos are “Strait” out of the 90’s. Ha!): 

George Strait “Amarillo by Morning

Garth Brooks “The River

These are just a few of the many songs going through my head right now. I have no rights to any of these songs and all of them can be found on iTunes or YouTube. Hope you enjoy!

Blessings From Texas,



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