Football vs Baseball

  The way I see it, there’s not much argument about which is better. While I LOVE a good football game, baseball wins. Almost every time. 

Football is such an awesome sport. Living in the South and in Texas, it’s in my DNA to love it. It’s my DNA to have team spirit, have BBQ’s and scream at the TV when the Cowboys aren’t doing so good. Growing up it was “required” that we stand up to salute every time John Wayne was on TV or the Cowboys walked onto the field. I wish I was joking. I have put on a few Cheerleader or Dance Team outfits to cheer on my team. That was a long time ago, sports team shirts and jeans . As far as actual sport goes, football just doesn’t cut it for me. Yes, it’s unbelievably hard and takes tons a strength. Yes they practice hard and it takes a strong team to get it done. 

I love Baseball. I spent A LOT of time on a baseball field. Catching fly balls, mowing (ugh), painting stripes, cleaning the stands and going to my brothers tournaments, all summer long for years. My Grandpa is famous for the way he would cheer on those Raiders. To me, nothing beats a baseball game. Unless they’re really angry, you will never see players getting concussions by bashing into each other head first, only the catchers wear extensive gear which is understandable. Most importantly, the players all have respect for each other. Every team I’ve been involved with, has been required to dress up on game days. Even when my brother played in college, they were expected to dress their best before a game. In high school, they had to wear a dress shirt with a tie or Coach wouldn’t let them play, no matter how good they were. I’ve never known a player that wasn’t being held to a higher standard then others, whether it was from coach or family, baseball players are just different. 

Baseball is played year round, I’ve sat through many a game in February. I’ve yet to see a football game when it’s that cold outside. Baseball players have guts. No, they aren’t as muscled up as football players, it’s hard to be that muscled up, quick on your feet and have a the brains to be successful on and off a baseball field. Last but not least, baseball pants. Yup. Moving on…  

The Texas Rangers stadium makes my heart happy. So does the Cowboys stadium. Baseball just does it better. While I will agree that football is great, it just keeps me entertained until baseball comes back around. 

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