Blue Ribbons 

The tri-state fair starts tomorrow.

I look forward to the events almost as much as I do summer. Which is almost as much as I love Christmas, and that’s quite a bit.Growing up in a small town my parents used to bring us to the big city to go to the tri-state fair on the first Saturday. In a small town, the fair consist of the livestock shows, maybe a Ferris wheel in a tilt a whirl, and how many quilts and canned food jars somebody’s great-grandmother could make that year. Which is great but it’s not near as cool as this one.

Turkey on a stick. Cajun chicken on a stick. Fried Oreos on a stick. I container of lemonade bigger than my arm. K I’ll see why I like the fair so much?

Families and friends gather in the evenings to watch cowboys and girls show off their skills. FFA and 4-H Members gather to battle it out over who has prepared the most this year. Kids are spending hard earned money on overpriced stuffed animals just for bragging right at school the next day. While parents are standing back chatting between bites of highly fried food and cold drinks. We all love it because it brings us together. Little kids watch in awe as giant rabbits wiggle their noses at them. The same kids talk about the sheep or crafts they saw for months afterwards.  I love it.

Yes, my kids will probably miss a little school next week so they can go to a livestock show… or two. They will one day be the kids in the ring showing off their hardwork. Yes, I will probably wear stretchy pants or shorts for a few days afterwards, I’ve accepted it. Leadership and Business meetings have been rescheduled just so we can all get a few doses of fair food, I’ve accepted it. This is only time of year I can get a massive amount of lemonade and fair quality funnel cake. So if you see me out there, raise a Turkey Leg as a “Hello” and I will do the same.

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Blessings from Texas,



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