A Small Town in Oklahoma

I spent part of my childhood in a small town in the Oklahoma Panhandle.

Let’s clear something up real quick. I’m not an Okie, never have been, never will be. My parents just happened to move my brother and I there when I was a small child. For this reason I know every bit of Oklahoma history and know every word to the song “Oklahoma!” (O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A! Where the wind comes sweeping down the plains… now that I’ve got that song stuck in your head I’ll be continuing on). I love Oklahoma and there are still some very special people that live there. My parents just finally came to their senses when I was in High School and moved us back home! 🙂

I played on playgrounds near my house, lived across the street from a great big park that my friends and I would go swimming or play basketball at. Swim team, the Guymon Gators, was a huge part of my life. I did cheerleading, I can still do most of the cheers. Played basketball, that’s where I got the nickname Hammer and attempted to play golf. Survived one cross country practice, but afterwards the coach told me maybe I should try something else. I started dancing in kindergarten and did a pretty good job for not being very graceful. I was in 4-H when I earned my first belt buckle. I learned to drive in Oklahoma, I took drivers education in my high school, but I don’t remember ever driving we just played basketball a lot. (maybe that’s what my problem is!) Sometimes my dad took us to the Texhoma Livestock Auction, I think it was so he can get his cattle fix. My first job was working in the snowcone stand between dance, swim practice, and dragging Main with my friends.

I lived for small town football. Orange and black all day everyday. I can still sing the fight song! I’m not sure that I can sing the fight song for the high school that I graduated from. When you move back to the “big city,” it’s still football but it’s not the same.

My best friend lived out in the country, and we would have sleepovers out on her trampoline. Her cat loved to scare us.

I miss the values and the way people respect each other still in small towns across America. I miss sleeping with my windows open and it wouldn’t be a big deal if I forgot to lock the back door because it was safe. I live in a great neighborhood, but it’s not like a small town, even if they were old enough, I wouldn’t let my kids stay out after dark riding their bikes.  I miss it taking less than five minutes to get across town. I hate traffic.

Yeah, I spent some really good parts of my life in Oklahoma. I’m a Texan through and through but I wouldn’t trade that part and those people for the world. So here’s a big air hug with lots of love, to my family and friends that live in Oklahoma. You’re welcome to come visit anytime, just make sure you get “dipped” before you cross that state line.

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Blessings from Texas,



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