I published this a few years ago, but my opinion remains the same: our country is strong and unlike any other one in the world. It seems like we are catering to the minority and it had to stop. We have to let go of the past, stop being snowflakes, stop being so selfish and inconsiderate towards each other. We have to support each other and love each other. I’m firmly convinced the country and people I love are still out there. I see or hear about it everyday. I hope you enjoy this post.

On September 11, 2001, I was in junior high school. I had been informed that the father of a good friend had passed away that morning from a heart attack. That day was already terrible. About eleven o’clocktime started to stand still. Teachers were crying. We were allowed to watch TV in classrooms. It was quiet. The news said that one plane has crashed into a building and then another. We got go home early that day but nobody cheered. I thought it was weird that my dad came to the school just to follow my mom (who was teaching at the junior high), brother and I home. There was no baseball or dance that night. When we got home, my family sat down so my parents could explain what was going on. They explained that terrorists from Iraqi had attacked the World Trade Center and that our country would probably be going to war and what that might mean.

Following the months after that I checked the news, read papers, spent a good deal of time as a kid creating an album devoted to my love of USA. I still have most of it.

When I was a Senior in high school, we had moved back to Amarillo. I tried to keep up with my “old” friends but life just honestly got in the way. I knew I had several friends that had joined the military following their graduation, I tried to keep up with them too. My history teacher as a sophomore knew where I was from, my story, and at the time her son was a Sniper for the Army. As was a great friend of mine, they were stationed together and were friends. That made my teacher and I friends. In February 2006, she pulled me from class, with my parents permission, to tell me that he had been KIA (Killed in Action). Since then, I’ve had several friends in the armed forces. Many Marines, Navy and Army. My ex husband was in the Air Force.

I remember both of those times to not necessarily be filled with a sense of fear and sadness. More like ultimate respect, a reverence for these men and women that fight battles I can’t. That put their lives on the line so I can stay up late and write these articles so that maybe somebody will get something from them. They give up their lives and time to defend a cause they believe in so much that they will risk death to protect.

So when I read that I’m to silence my beliefs because it offends somebody, children are washing up on beaches, ISIS is claiming the lives of the innocent with passion and no remorse or that Iran is going to get billions of our tax dollars because our former “president” made it so, I get angry. Like see red and I’m not stopping until something is done about it mad.

America, wake up. You’ve hit snooze way to many times! It’s time to do something!! How did we get from gathering as a nation in prayer, parades, regardless of color or religion to this? I want that America back. I want the America that knew we all had differences but came together when we needed to most of all. I firmly believe we need to do that again. I will get off of my soapbox now. I just…. Think of we truly take off our rose colored glasses, unite as a country, we can still fix this once great nation. Lord knows I’m not the one to do it, or maybe I am? Or are you? Or maybe both of us are. I can be a voice, a choice, among many to make us united again. What about you, what’s your choice? 

Blessings from Texas,



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