Bigger Problems 


That’s when I got to the news articles about the police officers being murdered, Christian families being forced to enroll or die in another Muslim attempt to control them, ISIS is running off-leash, men and women that are victims of all kinds of abuse, politicians are at their finest and then stroll in the articles of our lovely president.  My heart was broken. How were my problems so much of a priority that I’m doing nothing about this? How as a nation do we care so much about not offending someone that we are losing site of basic human principles? When did it stop and how do we start again?

I started reading articles about people doing random acts of kindness, watching YouTube videos, and I’ve decided something. I don’t have these answers, I wish I did. Except that kindness, faith and hope would go a long way. That’s seems like a completely hippie thing to say I know but what if it is? What if showing kindness, respect and love towards other is going to take us a whole lot further than hate and selfishness ever will.

So while my house is crazy, it’s destiny that I burn something this week, and I am definitely going to lose my keys again today, this world has bigger problems that we should all be doing a better job of fixing. We could by just being nicer to others and ourselves.

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Blessings from Texas,



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