Kids Don’t Care

This morning my Kindergartner was in tears. Bawling her eyes out because I haven’t been to the school to eat lunch with her yet.

A little background into this, last year I ate lunch with my now Second Grader several times a week because I think it’s EXTREMELY important to be involved in the lives of my kids. (Sidenote: I 100000% understand that sometimes, usually, it’s just not possible to be a parent that is at the school mingling with teachers and students at least once a day. I get that. You will never know how much I respect what you do for your family. It’s hard, I know. You are doing a magnificent job though!) Sometimes “E” got to go with me last year, I’m assuming that she thinks it’s customary, that I just be at the school which is great! However, we are two weeks into school and I haven’t been to lunch once. Between work stuff, cows, housework, etc. I just haven’t had time, so this morning, when I dropped my bawling five year old off, with her poor but extremely loving teacher (Can I get an amen for all the Pre-K and Kindergartner teachers? Seriously, these people are saints.) I vowed I would be at lunch today.

9:00 AM : I need to finish weed eating since I didn’t the other day.

9:21 AM : I’m fairly certain I broke it. Nope. Good to go. Answer emails. Ok, focus. Must get finished.

10:07 AM: Ok. Almost done if only the… nope. broken again.

10:47 AM: Well. That’s it then.

10:52 AM: Roll Out.

11:04 AM: I’m so late. So very very late.

11:07 AM: …

At 11:07 this morning, I got the biggest smile I have ever seen. The melt your heart and make you cry kind. After checking with the lovely ladies in the office, I joined my sweet girl in the lunch room. Her friends were in awe that a parent was there. I was late, sweaty, and covered in grass but my child did not care. She was happy that I showed up for her.

Ladies and Gentlemen, our children don’t care about our emails or lists of things to do. They don’t care if we stink or are dirty, in fact they love it, we look like giant kids to them. They don’t care much about our bank accounts or our “need” to gain a higher status. They care if we are there. They care if we build train tracks, play baby dolls, or ride bikes with them. They care about how we choose to spend our time. I was so very happy today after lunch that I forgot to check my emails after, I didn’t finish editing my articles for a little while and I paused my stress of releasing the website updates, because I got a real smile. Like I said, I understand busy, my life constantly is. I just think maybe we need to play more, and take care of our families and our friends, before our kids grow up to be people that don’t care.

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Blessings From Texas,



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