These Boots

When I bought these boots I wasn’t sure they were what I wanted. The design wasn’t what I went in hoping to find and I thought they were just to brown. I’ve never been a “shoes” girl, or much of a shopper either. I’m mostly a t shirt, boots and jeans kinda girl. In the years since, these boots and I have traveled on airplanes. Drove on countless road trips. They have been to funerals, two-stepped through dance halls and dirt roads. Climbed fences, been covered in dirt and cow poop. These boots have some miles on them. I’ve spilled more stuff on them, they’re covered in paint that will not come off.

My boots and I have survived broken hearts and soles, I have almost caught them on fire a time or three. These boots have never been at the back of my closet or in a sack to donate. They are covered in paint drops, when I broke my toe, the only thing remotely comfortable were these boots. I have laughed over beers with all night and I’ve cried Texas sized tears on them. I never leave home without them.

If boots had personalities, I think we would be a lot alike. Able and willing to get a hard day of work done. Can clean up and look good when we need too. Holding on to tradations and things we know to be true.

I think these boots have well paid for themselves over the years. I’ve never had a more trustworthy pair of shoes than these boots.

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Blessings from Texas,



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