More Than Beautiful 



“Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” Proverbs 31:30

My entire life I’ve been told I’m beautiful. Now hear me when I say I’m not writing this to sound shallow or arrogant but my girls are starting back to school today so I need to share with you, the most important things I need them to know. They are more than beautiful. They’ve got some darn good genetics if I do say so myself (yep, I’m taking all the credit on this). Beauty is only part of who they are. If asked “what are you” they had better say, “I am big, brave, smart, strong and beautiful.” I hope that I am raising these ladies to know there will always be more than what outward appearances have to offer. That yes, maintaining a a healthy, clean and attractive appearance is great, but if you have nothing inside your head to go with it, you have nothing.

I’ve been telling them this since before M could walk, each and every morning. I chose each word for a reason.

1. Big – though they are little, they should never allow themselves to be treated in a manner that makes them feel little. They should never allow somebody to manipulate them. Granted, they are young. But I pray they learn to respect themselves.

2. Brave – brave doesn’t mean being a rebel or a trendsetter. To me (hopefully them too) it means having the courage to do the next right thing. To be kind. To try new things. To speak up and share Christ. To be funny and show of their quick wit and sometimes crazy fashion sense.

3. Smart – believing you are smart, capable, opens doors. Much more so than believing the negative criticisms the world has to offer. Knowing you are smart, allows you to know that, yes, you will make mistakes but you are capable of thinking through the situation to accomplish your goal.

4. Strong – mentally and physically. They have strong, smart, brains and bodies.

5. Beautiful – Believe you are beautiful. Even on your worst days. When you’re hair won’t cooperate, you can’t find your (insert item you’re currently searching for) for the third day in a row. Believe you are beautiful when the mean girl or boy at school tells you are not. When you are a hormonal teenager and yeah… you are beautiful. Everything created by God has beauty!

The most important things I need them to know their entire lives is that I love them and that I will always be proud of them. Even when they will eventually try to hide their report cards, wreck their car, they get caught in a lie, they cut their hair, or if they ever skip class. Which they will because that’s 100% in their genetics too 🙂 and when they get caught, I will remind them that, while I love them, I’m still proud of them, I will make them say “I am big, brave, smart, strong and beautiful but I am also very, very grounded.”

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