I Don’t Know What to Write 

There is so much going on right now! It’s hard to choose what I want tell you about first.

Should I talk about back to school? Teachers? My choices when I was in school? Friendships? How this is our future and we should pay attention to them? Maybe I should discuss differences between when my grandparents in school all the way through my (eek!!) kindergartener.

Maybe the fence project is wrapping up? How we decided to throw building a shelter type mini barn thing (pics will be up here and on social media eventually)? How my muscles hurt?

What about CC? That’s a great topic. I love how much it’s growing, it’s unreal to me how this crazy road got started and how I can see it starting to grow. But what do I say without feeling like I’m bragging? Do I talk about how I’m considering turning my work closet into a work desk with shelves and such?

I could talk about family. I’ve done that a lot lately though…. Is that what you want to read? How excited and hyper the girls are? How I’m happy sad about it? The organizations we are a part of?

As of right now, I really don’t know what to write. I’m sure I will decide something soon though. Right now, I need coffee.

I am always looking for new projects. I specialize in marketing Farm and Ranch businesses and their products through writing articles for website content, blogging, and development of their Social Media Networks. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact me on Facebook or by email, cowdogcreations@outlook.com

Blessings from Texas,



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