Making Cookies

(Moo picked today’s topic!)

We make a lot of cookies around my house. I like to give them to others so that we can share some happiness with other people and I can get them out of my kitchen. Lol!

My daughters like to make them so they can steal bites of the dough. If I’m being honest, I like them for the same reason. Our favorites are peanut butter, chocolate chip and most importantly what we call the “Annabelle’s” (named after an ingenious little girl that we love 😉 ) they are Blueberry Mint Cookies. They make my heart and tummy so happy! I’ll post the recipe as it gets closer to the holidays! But I think we just love to make cookies because we get to spend time together creating something. I get to pass on a skill that was graciously passed on to me and I love that. I love that my girls want to learn!! We have so much fun and if one of us doesn’t have flour in our hair or a tiny eggshell hasn’t had to be removed from the mixture we’ve done something wrong. That’s the beauty of it. There’s not a perfect cookie. Some of them get burnt, lol. Some are fully of nuts. But I’ve never had a cookie that I don’t like.

Since I’ve been talking about cookies now I want to make some, maybe this time I won’t get flour in my hair.

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