Callie the Cowdog

2014-04-11 21.43.28

Hi!!!! I’m Callie, I’m a Pembroke Welsh Corgi this is me when first came home with my family. Mom says she is giving me a “page” to talk about stuff. I’m confused so I might just try to eat this later.

This is part of my mom’s job because she writes human words for people all over, she takes it pretty seriously. I can tell because she gets a funny look on her face because she is thinking about human stuff, so i will try to get her attention by biting her toes or getting on her bed to sniff through her purse. This makes her happy like the little people do and like I do.  My favorite things in the whole wide world are my puppy, my family and chasing things. My favorite things to do are chase are squirrels and cats because they climb the big tall things and I must bark at them until mom comes to tell me I “did good”. Otherwise I see no reason to stop… sometimes I don’t stop even when she tells me too. I am good at protecting her from the very loud machine that eats the grass. Like the cows do but they are much bigger and they smell much worse. So mom tells me that I will be getting to type sometimes and that seems ok. We will see. I hope you will like hearing from a dogs view. For now though, the littlest people left a doll where I can reach it and I think mom wants to chase me around the house for a little bit until she thinks I need a cookie, then I will surrender my new toy.

You will know it is me talking when mom puts a picture of me, so I will try to endure the pictures. The little humans love to take them and mom does a great job but I hate them. to much sitting not even chewing. or running. or barking. OK, Bye now!



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