Time to burn the house down…

2015-08-05 17.08.17

I just took a tick off Callie. So you’ll have to excuse me while I have a meltdown inside and try not to loose it for a minute. Nasty bloodsucking little tiny parasites that just straight up try to ruin my day. Yuck!!

Worse than spiders by far. At least spiders don’t attach themselves to skin in order to drink blood. Double yuck! I mean sure, spiders make giant webs and terrify my children. But they don’t hide under hair, grass, trees…. Or in my house. Wait… Ticks.

Callie knows when I’ve found a bug on her. Usually the poor dog tries to hide when she sees me coming with the blue bottle of spray. This time I think she was ready for the nasty thing to come off because instead of running away she just laid down with a pitiful look on her sweet face that I took to mean “please get this nasty thing off my body now”. (ugh now I’m itchy!). After covering the unaffected part of her body in medicine, as a preventive measure, I went in for the kill. It’s absolutely nasty how when you spray the little devils they wiggle their nasty little legs. GROSS. This particular tick was about the size of my pinky nail (How did it get so big?? How did I not notice this monstrous beast??). So using tweezers to pull it off was MUCH closer than I wanted to be. I grabbed some really blunt old scissors to use like tweezers, sprayed the meds, counted to five for it to pull its bloodsucking talons out of my poor puppy and pulled it off. Watched it wiggle on the sidewalk for about two seconds and squished it. I put it in a baggy with duct tape on top and  currently I’m debating if I need to burn it. I probably will because I’m a pyromaniac sometimes but this time it’s make sure something really is dead and not just faking it. I will try really hard not to burn the house down.

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Blessings from Texas,




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