Catching Frogs in Dresses

2014-07-28 14.58.44

I know what you’re thinking. No this isn’t about my love life. HA!! It is however, about the fanciest little cowgirl I know.

This little girl is a worker. She’s not to scared of mud and hard work (she pretends pretty good though), most likely to catch a frog, and she will do it in a dress. Extremely smart, a beautiful dancer and a heart that has room for nothing but love. She might be a little stubborn, headstrong and she might have a sassy streak but she makes up for it in her sweet hugs and kisses on the cheek. Her favorite color has always been blue. She loves Jesus. She will talk about Him all day and will most often have her Bible with her wherever she goes. Sometimes I find myself praying to have a heart like she does. She loves to be outside! Unless it’s Doc McStuffins or her favorite movie, she rolls her eyes about cartoons and wants to watch cooking shows. Her favorites are Pioneer Woman and Trisha Yearwood’s show because, “they cook real food momma”. She also likes the lady with the blonde crazy hair, “hers hair is funny so she is too”, good enough for me! Ya’ll she is going to take over the cooking one day!! She is quiet and shy unless she feels safe and I don’t blame her for that. She analyzes, then reacts. She makes plans for one day but she has no idea when “one day”, she’s five so she doesn’t have too.  One of the things I cherish about her is the girl LOVES to wear dresses and not just any dresses. The fanciest ones she has, everyday. This week the dress of choice is a light blue sleeveless with white lace flowers and a tulle skirt. She looks like a princess and she will tell you she is.

My prayer for her is that nobody ever tells her that her dreams are to big, she can’t wear a cocktail dress to play in the mud, if she chooses to become a doctor that she’s a great one or if the Lord leads her to be a stay at home mom that she’s the best one. I pray that she never stops dancing and singing her way through life. I pray that nobody ever breaks her kind spirit, I know this world is harsh and it will probably only get worse, but I pray that she trusts the Lord even more than she does now. I pray that she never forgets where home is. I pray she stops twirling her hair constantly!! That she does have all the animals she wants… just not in my house (can’t believe I said that!). I pray that this year is good to her and not a shocking experience when there is no Chapel in public school like there was at her private school Pre-K, I pray she finds friends that love Jesus, have amazing involved parents, and that she gains confidence in herself. Most of all though, I pray she is always my little girl who will walk out in the pasture in her fancy blue dresses, jeans, and flips flops to catch herself a frog.

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