Surprises for Mom

My mom hates surprises. With good reason too, let’s just say I haven’t been the best at good surprises throughout the years so I knew going into this idea I was putting my life at risk. It started with an idea that her birthday needed to be extra special this year. I knew she would never go for the idea of having a party for herself. My mother is a very selfless person and she does a lot for so many people, myself included that I think she sometimes might forget that she’s important too. So enter the planning phase.

I picked a day and starting sending out emails as invites I needed something very important though. Accomplices. I knew I needed some good ones. My choices were some ladies that I hold very dear to my heart. My grandmothers were also onboard, as well as other family members.  A plan was set and we waited until the day of the party.

The day of my dad (who graciously agreed to take my spot at another long awaited event) took the girls and my mom away so that I could get everything set, beautiful and people could show up. When it was finally that time, and they had spent an hour at Tractor Supply “looking” for a part (because my dad couldn’t think anywhere else in Amarillo to take my mother lol) they arrived home. After the big SURPRISE, confusion and tears were over we celebrated her with family and friends that we hold dear to  our hearts, my mother didn’t kill me, instead she gave me a great big hug and said thank you.

After the party, family stayed for hours, the power went out because of a summer storm rolling through and an event that causes sleepless nights happened. But it’s ok, because I truly believe that might be my best surprise yet.

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