Rabbit Farming

I’m done with cows and fences. Dad and I decided yesterday that we were giving up cattle. We’re going to be rabbit farmers. This decision came after we strung the bottom wire on a new stretch of fence to low… Again.

We will specialize in Jack and Cottontail Rabbits. 100% free range organic wild rabbits. Of course we are terrible at herd management because we don’t know how many we have (if we have any at all). Our budget for feed and vet bills will be at zero but so will our profit. Because unless you can find one and then catch it, none of them are for sale. So MEA Cattle Co will now be changing our name it MEA Rabbit Co.

Yep, Jack and Cottontail Rabbits, and the ranch duck (with her babies in tow).

**this post was done out of fun and in good humor! We will never give up on cattle 🙂 although we may have to add some rabbits to show in 4H or FFA starting next year. As far as I can tell we will always have cows, cowdogs, cowpokes,  cowgirls and a duck (with her babies in tow).

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Brittney, the Great Rabbit Herder

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