Stuck like Glue

 As the minions and I were driving down the road today, an old favorite came on! Part of the lyrics are, “you and me baby we’re stuck like glue…” Which brought back hilarious memories of when my oldest was 2 and dressed in all six tutus she owned (yep, six. She was a little bit spoiled but she’s an AMAZING kid. Money well spent). Anyways, six tutus. Arms colored different shades of marker, I have no doubt that her face was sticky, and we are blaring that song from the kitchen speakers. She is jumping and laughing, having the best day ever! For at least 30 minutes, we listen to that song on repeat, when she’s FINALLY sick of it enough that we can collapse in an exhausted heap, she’s grabs me by the neck, squishy my face in her tiny hands and says the best words ever, “I love you mommy.” She’s my girl. Me and that kid go way back. Like eight whole years. With a heart of gold and a passion for the underdog, she’s the first best thing to ever happen to my world. She loves her family, her dog, her American girl doll, she’s a darn good gymnast and she loves Jesus. She is amazing big sister and she’s so good with all the little kids she’s friends with. Her best friend moved to Kentucky awhile back and I can tell that hole still hasn’t been filled but she’s trying. She DESPISES yellow cheese and can eat her weight in her favorite candy. She refuses to wear a dress unless it’s Sunday or I threatened no tv time. Shorts or jeans, all day, everyday. She’s a pretty darn good cowgirl too. She doesn’t put up with much crap either (she would never say that word though), but for now, it seems like she automatically knows what the right thing to do is. Then she does it. I pray wholeheartedly she’s always like that. I love that princess with every single thing I have, I’d be absolutely lost with out her. So while she’ll still jam out with me, we are going to keep dancing because that kiddo and I are Stuck like Glue!

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