Rainbows and Sunshine

2014-06-10 10.27.42

Exodus 14:14 “The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still,”

As some as you know, I’m back on Facebook and the CC Facebook page is up! Yes, I’m nervous about it. Having your identity stolen by some jealous psychotic bastards will do that to a girl. But. Here’s the thing, in light of recent events both in my local community and in a global sense, being a business owner, having a family to set an example for, and the simple fact that maybe it’s time. Time to quit hiding. Time to stand up. Time to stop handing out rainbows and sunshine. I’ve spent three years (truthfully a hell of a lot more then that), in silence. More than that though, I fear God more than I do man.

I fear an eternity in Hell more then I do the risk I take by taking my children to the grocery store. My children shouldn’t have to live with a mother that fears taking them to feed the ducks because who might find out she’s there. I fear the missed opportunity to share the love of Christ with children, teenagers, and strangers then I do the stares (or glares) of old “friends”. I fear that I will miss chances to positively impact the lives of those the need Christ just as badly as I do. The sleepless nights praying through PTSD attacks is nothing compared to what my life would be without the love of Christ. The dreams that haunt me are nothing compared to the grace and mercy God gives me every morning. There is nothing on this earth that compares to the smiles of my children.  There are women out there experiencing the same exact things I went through without the hope that He alone can give. There are men out there taking advantage of women in the name of “love”. I survived 100% because of Christ. I wasn’t innocent. I made some stupid, idiotic and selfish choices too. I fear I will stay silent when there is a person out there that needs to hear my testimony, more than they need my prayers for them, or in reality it would probably be more like silent prayers from a distant…

I’m on the other side of Hell. It’s all because of Christs’ grace, mercy and love for me. Whatever His plan is for me doesn’t involve fear of man. Because He goes before all that I do. There’s so much sin in this world today. With ISIS being a truly terrifying threat, political scandal and  a Muslim president that doesn’t give a shit unless you’re on his agenda or black gangster, we are called to stand up for Christ!! What’s right!! Where are the good people!

Like I’ve said, I’m not good at sunshine and rainbows, I’m a straight shooter. So, maybe, it’s officially time to let the Cowdog out of her corner.

I am always looking for new projects. I specialize in marketing Farm and Ranch businesses and their products through writing articles for website content, blogging, and development of their Social Media Networks. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact me on Facebook or by email, cowdogcreations@outlook.com


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