Am I organized or OCD?

 I pride myself on being organized. (Mom, I know you’re laughing already, please stop), seriously I spend hours organizing the silliest things.

Yesterday, for example, all I wanted to was get the markers and art paper out for little ladies to be able to draw while I attempted to do some writing. Well. It was a little difficult to get them out of the drawer because it is (or was) a HUGE bag of markers. Two hours later, the entire room was upside down, they were outside doing the slip n slide, while the dog barked her head off at them. I was sitting in the floor surrounded by my self-made chaos almost in tears. So what’s a girl to do? I got out the trash bags. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m all for keepsakes and noodle pictures but when I can’t close a drawer anymore, it’s time to make some changes. One massive trash bag, three binders for the “really important have to keep these forever” stuff (that they may or may not chunk right before they head to college one day. There might be a small chance I won’t be in the looney bin yet and will have them well hidden to embarrass them in front of future boyfriends or their spouses like my mom did to me. Ha!!) and a child that didn’t understand why I was throwing a precious scribbling away (Popsicles totally fixed that!) and I was sane again. Then I moved to my work closet. Oh mylanta people! I could’ve put some major craft stores out of business!! But now, thanks to my stack of boxes I keep around to stuff Christmas presents in 😉 everything is exactly where it should be. Labeled. Nice and neat. Super organized and pretty.

So maybe I’m a little over the top and yea, sometimes OCD does win. I just like to think of it as Outstanding Organization. Just don’t look under their beds. That’s tomorrow’s project.

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Blessings from Texas,



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