Triple Layer Brownies

Shut the front door. We are in a baking mood around here. Only one person wants brownies, the other wants chocolate chip cookies, and I’m thinking peanut butter cookies. So what do we do? That’s right.

For the bottom layer, we chose to put chocolate chip cookie dough. You can use store bought, I try to always use homemade dough but I understand it doesn’t always work out that way. Make sure your dough is about 1/2 inch thick. Next peanut butter cookie, my grandmothers recipe is the best! This needs to be a quarter to half inch thick because the dough is going to rise. Now for the best part! Using a brownie mix, pour this on top of your cookie dough. Now bake the glorious artery clogging concoction! Typically takes between 25-30 minutes for it to bake all the way through.

If you’re making these for friends or  family, try a little (or a lot) of chocolate frosting on top! With these Triple Layer Brownies, there’s no such thing as to much chocolate! Enjoy!

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