Roses Aren’t Always Red

(***** Originally posted to my LinkedIn May 2015 ***** )


It’s my favorite time of the entire year!!! It’s May and almost June which means we’ve got a few weeks left of the rainy season, before it get hot enough that it’s (probably) perfectly sanitary to fry eggs on a rock. Everyday there’s a couple new calves trying out their legs in this beautiful world and the fish are jumping. The grass is green and the birds are chirping. Kids are so excited for a break from school and their mothers are saying prayers for sanity and grace in the moments they lose their cool when the summer is dragging on. This is my time of year. When I can do my inside work outside while waiting for paint to dry. I get the joy of sitting near a four wheeler watching the new babies play in the sun exploring new things. I am blessed.
My favorite thing about this time of year isn’t all of those wonderful things, it’s the roses my mother grows. A true Southern Lady, my mom is an amazing person with more beauty and class then most anybody I have ever known. She teaches children with more patience in her pinkys then I could ever hope to have. Her thumbs are greener than any greenhouse I’ve ever been in and I’m pretty sure she’s brought more than one of my poor plants back to life over the years. I think she’s taught me all of her secret family recipes, which my clients and I are grateful for. Mostly importantly, she’s put up with my dad, brother and I for getting close to 30 years now. Somebody tried to tell me Roses are just pretty weeds, when you look at it from a scientific point of view I guess they are. Whenever I think of happy moments growing up there always seems to be roses nearby. My mother loves roses but she doesn’t grow red ones. She grows several variations of white, orange, pink and my favorites that start out with bright yellowish/orange petals but are hot pick or red on the tips. Thanks to the Lord for all the rain!! Each of these bushes are growing in full force and its amazing!! My grandmother has several different types of roses they planted and loved on over the years. My mothers’ parents put a great deal of effort into growing all sort of flowers and roses each year. My granddad is an excellent person to ask advice from on your garden, no matter what you want to grow. He is passionate about growing things and spends much of his time doing such. When I asked my mom why she doesn’t have red roses she smiled. She said, ” think of one of those overpriced flower commercials, what color roses do they advertise? What do you think of on (Singles Awareness Day)? You think of roses. Red Roses. I just decided that roses don’t always have to red to be pretty”. I agree wholeheartedly with her. We spend so much of our time trying to be somebody else’s version of beautiful, talented or a million other things that I could go on for hours about, but won’t. We spend so much energy on this that we forget, roses aren’t always red. Not only that but they smell different, grow different and respond to their environment different. We humans have even given their colors different meanings. So why should we all be red? If you are an orange rose, be so. Are you yellow with some pink streaks? Great! Are you hot pink or bright white? Fantastic!! For you manly men out there, I hear they make a black rose or maybe purple is your thing. Awesome! Just remember you don’t always have to be red, because roses aren’t.

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