Plot Twist

I love music. Feeling a connection to a song can completely change my day, for better or worse.  Today I heard “Dear Younger Me” – MercyMe. I LOVE it. This song touched a place in my heart that I’ve been known to try to keep shoved down deep and go about my day; it made me think. What would I tell a younger me? If I could time travel, what do I have to offer that bright blue eyed  skinny girl (legit skinny. I was GORGEOUS.)? To hit harder to home my class reunion was a few weeks ago.  Would I tell younger me about those? I present to you, my letter, to a younger me. 

When I started writing this, I started telling myself everything I would change. To fix. But I just realized that no. I can’t do that. Because everything, everyone, every choice… has lead me here. While its not ideal. It’s where I am…. If I took out parts and changed others, even slightly then who knows. Maybe the best parts of my world and my hopes for the future wouldn’t be happening… So this is my revised (and improved) letter. 

Hey Britt!

It’s 29 year old you… well me… but that’s probably confusing so I just want to take a minute of your time. This letter is to tell you about your life now. 

I would tell you the things you should stop/start doing… like yesterday. I would tell you who you need to stop talking to, immediately. The people you do need to seek out so you can love them longer. The thing about that is, I know you. You’re stubborn. Full of stubborn stupid pride and you won’t listen. So instead I will tell you just a little about life now. Are you ready? 

Plot twist #1: those deep green eyes and curly red hair? Savor every moment. Nothing lasts forever, baby girl. Take the dog with you leave. 

Plot twist #2: College sucks. Going to work sucks more. But GOOD friends don’t. Recognize the  friends that love you. Cherish them. Let the ones that don’t leave. You’re a smart girl, you already know the answers. 

Plot twist #3: you have your own family. SAY WHAT!?!!  Yeah, I know. It’s insane, crazy busy. You’re life doesn’t look like a storybook. Hold on for the ride.

Plot twist #4: Where the he(ck) did all these cows come from? Why is everything covered in mud? 

Plot twist #5: Cowdog Creations. Go ahead, patent that. You’ll need it. 

Plot twist #6: ok… you still haven’t been to ocean. Sorry about that, you’ve been a little busy. Go before you’re 30. K? K. Good talk. 

Plot twist #7: There’s a man that your heart cherishes… hug him. Oh Lord. Hug that stubborn old man. Beg… Beg for five more minutes. Everyday. Because nothing lasts forever baby girl.

Plot twist #8: You’re going to make a friend. You’ll be 25 or so. You’ll know when you meet her that she needs you. You’re going to need her too. You and her? Like peas and carrots my dear. She’s going to be an amazing part of your story. 

Plot twist #9: You are going to go through something that can lonely be described as… Hard. Overwhelming so. Ever ounce of you is going to be tested. But you survive. I know you will survive. On the other side you’re going to find out some things… Your family? Baby girl. They’d go to the moon and back for you. They would risk their lives and move mountains for you. Your friends? Most of them leave. The best ones don’t. Better, stronger and healthier bonds are made. You’re going to feel lost and alone. But when the smoke clears you find that sometimes fields have to burn for growth to happen. 

My closing advice to you is this. I know your secrets. I understand why. It’s ok. At 29 there’s parts of you that you still don’t understand. It’s ok. You are big, brave, smart, strong and absolutely beautiful. Please learn this. 

Most importantly. You serve only one. You were put here, in these moments, to serve the Most High God. You are His. Lean on him, get lost in his word. Seek relationships and people that chase Him. They won’t steer you wrong. It’s going to take your pride awhile to realize this, it’s ok. This is a story only you can live.. A testimony only you can have. 

So what’s next, you ask? What happens in my 29th year? Even I don’t know, you’ll have to stick around and see. 😉

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A Brain of Spaghetti 

The human brain is awesome; capable of doing so many things, all at the same time. A comedian once said that men’s brains are like well organized boxes. Every thought, action, emotion, etc. has a box and only one box can be out at a time. Women on the other hand have brains like spaghetti. (In the spirit of being perfectly honest, I don’t even like spaghetti. I like spaghetti pizza much better. All those extra calories are delicious.) Women can referee a fight between a herd of minions, put on make up, mow the yards, answer an email and bake something all while talking on the phone. We’ve been known to be happy, sad and upset all at the same moment (ladies stop kidding yourself. You know it’s true). So what about when we finally CHOOSE to slow down enough that we can drink our “not intended to be” iced coffee? What about when the “demands” of staying alive take over? 

Listen to my words: it’s ok to slow down. To not do anything. I have been burning both ends of the wire for a long time. Which gives me the confidence to tell you that it’s 100% ok to stopping running and enjoy a moment. I’ve learned (ok, I’m still learning) The only person in charge of your time is you. It’s not the tiny people constantly following you around. It’s not even the  17 unread emails labeled “URGENT” waiting on you. Nor is it the false demands of perfection that you allowed others to put on you. The only person in charge of you is you. Nobody else is in charge of your bowl of spaghetti my friend. 

I realize that may not be the first time you’ve been told that. So just hear me when I say, you aren’t perfect. Yeah, I said it. But the best part? I don’t want you to be. I want to know your mess, I can promise that I have one too. We can share stories! You can read all about my experiences as you scroll through the site. So ladies, friends, even the compartmentalized brains of the gentleman that are out there reading: today we are starting a different type of chapter for CC. To show a more inside look at the spaghetti in my brain (probably on my shirt too)! I’m hoping that by doing this writing for myself becomes fun again. Let’s see how it goes!



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Feels Weird

It’s been 35 days since I last posted. My how time flies! 

It’s been a crazy time of year, getting minions out of school and readjusted, things with being in the cattle business and just life in general. I’m not going to lie, it feels weird to be posting again. I need to be doing a better job of this and other things. I’ve reached a point in life and Cowdog Creations that I’m refocusing on what’s important. That’s not to say I don’t love what and who I work for, I greatly appreciate you! I’ll stay around as all long as you’ll let me. I would hope you know minions and providing for them will always have the priority. My plan is to get back into writing, start some new adventures and be the provider I need to for my family and our future plans. We’ll see if I still have any fans LOL. 2016 could be a great year for us. I’m looking forward to it. So I’ll talk to y’all soon! 


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A Bullet in My Tire

I have a crazy life. A few weeks ago I had a bullet in my tire. A lovely friend of mine said,” if there was anybody this would happen to, it would be you.” She’s right! I have the craziest luck.

If it can break, I’ve probably broken it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve locked my keys in my car. Lost my purse. Been late somewhere. However, my latest adventure is the bullet in my tire. Here’s to all the people like me that are lucky to be alive. LOL. Hope your day is fantastic and as safe as possible.

Blessings – Brittney,

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I am A Refugee

* I’ve struggled with posting this… for about 6 months now. I think that maybe it’s time… Before I do, I need to say that my posting this isn’t to create drama or insight violence merely to share my opinion. I’m absolutely against illegal immigration. I believe our country has its hands full and can’t possibly take care of any one else if we can’t first take care of our own. Our veterans, elderly living on pennies, and many many others. I believe our country is in need of a serious overhaul and there’s only a few ways that can happen. I will not be discussing those. Anyways, I hope that if nothing else this provides you with something to think about for today. Much Love – Brittney

I was lost. Hopeless. Swept away on the seas of depression and disappointment that thoughts of ending it all were so constant I could barely breathe anymore. My future was uncertain. I was drowning. You found me. You sought me out. You came back for me. A person so broken by circumstance, life choices, and heartbreak. You took my heaviness. You replaced all my shattered dreams and showed me grace. You provided me shelter through the storms. You protected me from the waves. You rescued me. You came to my aid. The aid of a sinner. A refugee.

You are the Most High God. Creator of All. You are to be exhalted. You come to the aid of those that seek you. You destroy those that seek to harm your people. Lord you do that out your grace and your mercy. Not ours. You run into battle for us. Each of us. Evil must bow down at your name. You guard our hearts. It is you that calms the seas when anxiety takes its hold. It is you that comforts me when I fear for the future, my children. Gracious Lord, I praise you. I was a refugee and through Christ I was given new life. While I firmly believe your country needs to protect itself and be protect from the evil that seeks to destroy it, it is your will Lord. It always has and will be.

I praise you, oh Lord. I pray for the refugees for they are lost and hurting, that they find the safety they seek even if it is only through you. I lift up this country to you. This is not the country our forefathers thought it would be. We are broken, with evil abounding in every direction. I pray we put our eyes back to you. That you would unite us once again for your glory. To proclaim that you are the only one true God and we will defend your name and the principles this once glorious country was founded on.


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Long Overdue

I was up late last night pondering my life choices. Instead of getting into all that today, I’ve posted quite a few long overdue pictures to the Photography page.

Every time I get ready to post pictures, I have an inner debate on whether or not to post pictures of the people in my life: my kids, parents, friends, the person that was overqualified for the People of Walmart website, etc. Ultimately the decision to not prevails. This is simply because I love privacy. I love sharing my life with ya’ll, as much as I would love to share how beautiful each of them are, there’s more satisfaction in showing them the respect of not doing anything without their expressed permission. So if you want to see more of the day-to-day life, like Cowdog Creations on FB.



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I’m Getting… Forgetful? 

I’m really spacy these days. 

Coming off the holidays, (wasn’t that yesterday!!) I felt like I was on a month long sugar-fueled high. Now I just feel weird. Like I’m supposed to be places (I probably am), I forgot to call someone (I probably did) or I’ve lost my keys for the 9,000th time. It probably comes from going nonstop 24/7 and now that things are slowing down, I feel lost. Lol. 

It occurred to me today that I haven’t written anything for MY site in… awhile. I know there’s at least a few of you that read these things and I thank you for that. Hopefully my crazy world makes you feel better about yours! 

I was reminded that my birthday is next month. That whole idea makes me feel weird. 

My class reunion is this year too. Thank the gracious Lord that I’m not supposed to plan that! (Or maybe I am… crap. I was class secretary… maybe I should find that out. What was I saying?! Reunion.) ugh. I don’t wanna. For lots of reasons. 

All these things are making me feel old. LOL. Like I haven’t accomplished much. On the otherhand: family is well, business is growing. Life is seemingly well. 

So forgive me if I’m a little behind in posting. I’m still here. I’m just out living life, working and raising minions all while getting ready for my beloved summer to come back. I may not write as much as we both would like but I’m going to start getting back into it….  




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If My Kid Wants to Color

If my kid wants to color, she’s going to need crayons. Markers. Pencils. Glitter Pens. 

Then she will search for the paper. 

While searching for the paper, she will start to dance and sing. 

She will go get her CD player. Then she will need me to turn a cd on for her. 

Then she will need to put a tutu on with a coordinating leotard. 

Dancing will make her thirsty so she will need a drink. 

Drinking will make her think of apple juice. Apples will make her think of trees. She will beg to go outside to play.

While playing outside she will think the sky is pretty. She will want to color. 

She will remember that she was looking for paper and then come ask me for some so she can color. 




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Drag Up

Just a few weeks ago gas prices were holding steady at 2.19/gal. I listened quietly as people complained about the cost to fill up their vehicles. For once though, I kept quiet about it. I admit, I have done my share of complaining about it so I’m not completely innocent. 

So today when I fueled one of the gass guzzlers up, it was somewhat surprising to see that prices have reached a new low at 1.59/gal. I’m betting that most of you are celebrating. Which is fine! Anytime my account can get a break I’ll take it. Our wallets are getting a small break to recover after the holidays. There are few of us, that stop to think about the people busting theirs to get that gasoline to us though. These guys (and gals) are tough. The front line workers and rig guys. They work OUTSIDE sun, rain or snow. They pray for rain outs and weekends off so they can go home. These people aren’t like the rest of us, they probably didn’t plan on a “career” in pipeline. In fact, most of them landed there by accident. 

When the price of oil drops, these guys are the first to know. How do I know? Because I’ve been there. These are the guys that get up at 4:00 am, put on boots covered in yesterday’s mud, grab a lunch that most packed themselves, lock the door to the camper or whichever hotel they’re staying in that week and roll out for the day. On a good day it will be 7 before they return but most days it’s 9… Sometimes 10. 

They are the welders, operators, laborers, inspectors and many other things. Some of them have families that make the sacrifices to follow them where the work is. Most don’t. Most only see their families every few months. They put their trust in something to have when they return. They hope and dream for the day their person tells them to just come home. That the funds will be there for them to do so. The guys that don’t have family typically waste their money trying to fill the voids that only a life spent with hard days working and lonely nights create.

They are the first to lose their jobs when oil prices drop. These people are always, always looking for work. I’m willing to bet they don’t want to live life that way. That dragging up isn’t something they really look forward too. I’m sure they’d rather have stable work. Rather than temporarily being in one town or state long they are thinking about having to be ready to drag up. 

The next time gas prices drop, please remember that while it’s great on our wallets. It’s could get hard on somebody else’s. 

Be blessed and be merry, for God is good and He provides. 



(806) 282-7989

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Cardinal Rules

Forgive me. I broke one of my cardinal rules. I’m still coming to terms with this so excuse me if I struggle to tell you. I wore leggings as pants. Horrible I know. It was 100% intentional too. In my defense, I joined the rest of the health crazed, get fit, “new year, new me” crowd in going back to the gym. I did it a) because it was my Christmas present (yep. a gym membership. to me. for a present from my parents. We’ll go down this road later.) and b) because it’s passed time. I used to be a super fit person. Then I umm discovered other things. I got lazy, had kids and eventually dropped out completely. Yada yada. Chasing kids, cows and going all the time with work isn’t cutting it anymore. Anyways, back to leggings as pants.

So I get to the gym. Do the workout thing with an awesome group of ladies most of which are much more in shape than I. Kick myself for ever quitting. SURVIVE. Go home. Let me tell ya’ll right now: jeans were not an option. I knew I had to eventually go get the girls so I had to be presentable so sweats and a t-shirt weren’t an option. I briefly considered throwing on a dresses but if you know me at all, dresses just aren’t me. Unless I have to. There’s 3 reasons to get that dressed up:

  • Church. Maybe.
  • Mom calls before I’m supposed to be wherever she is to make sure I’m wearing one. End up being at least 15 minutes late because I had to change.
  • The most rare, which only happens in summer: I feel like it. Only happens in summer.

A dress wasn’t happening so on go the leggings with a long shirt. The following are my thoughts:

  • Oh crap. It’s to cold for shorts. ugh. jeans.
  • Deep breath.
  • Put aching muscles into leggings. Ok. I got this.
  • Cute long sleeve top goes on. SWEET. Cute and comfy.
  • CRAP. I have to go out in public. 
  • Second deep breath.
  • Ladies do this all the time. Yes I look better than most of them but that’s not the point. OK maybe not most… a half. Ok a third…. a few of them. Sweet Jesus make my legs stop hurting. 

(Leave house and stop at a store. Get the things I need, start standing in line.)

  • Lady in front of me stares at my legging pants. Oh dear lord make it stop. wait. Is that THREE packages of Oreos? A sweater with a cat on it, really?
  • I want Oreos. 
  • Not if I want to be able to kick (butt) like I used too. 
  • Sigh. No Oreos. Why is she still staring.
  • Maybe I should go get her a gallon of milk to go with all that deliciousness. Nope. That’d be more movement, not happening. I’ll just smile my best smile. 
  • Smile and hold back smart comment that DESPERATELY wants to escape.

Painfully rush to the car, go pick up kiddos. I’m so thankful for their teachers not judging me and lovely friends I shared my thoughts with while in the moment. Love ya’ll🙂

Check back often for a look inside my crazy world.

Many Blessings,



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