Twelve Years 

I Still - Shotgun Rider  When I wake up it will be twelve years. For twelve years I have woken up on this day feeling heavy and sad. For twelve years a group of people have made an effort to find each other regardless of our schedules, or how much time has crushed friendships. On... Continue Reading →

It’s just Twenty Bucks

I got my hair cut! While some of you are thinking "um ok and why is that a big deal?" Let me tell you. I don't spend money on myself. Like ever. Between life expenses,  all the activities of my young ladies, and something unexpected ALWAYS popping up, the cash usually just isn't there. So... Continue Reading →

Put It on Hold

Photo Credit: ABC News Channel 7 It's Day Eight of my birthday month. But for the people of Canadian, Lefors, Higgins, Dumas, Fritch, TX... Gage, OK... even North of Amarillo, along the Northeastern side of New Mexico, for them its Day 1.  Day 1 (or two) of no longer having their cattle to maintain, they... Continue Reading →

When We Ruled 

Destiny is a funny thing. You and I were destined to be friends. Hell, in a town like this our whole group was. But our grandmothers had this planned since before we were born. Fast forward some years to when I showed up at Randall still basking in my small town glory, you were there.... Continue Reading →

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